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Connect and Cultivate Trust Successfully selling a product over a prolonged amount of time is no accident. It requires thoughtfulness, creativity, and an execution plan. Applying these principles not only brought me sustained success as a loan originator, but they …

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So, what is the perfect loan process? Simply put, it is the combination of core principles, proven strategies, and well-crafted scripts that translates into more clients, more referrals, and the creation of a pipeline that will continually generate business for …

Transforming Client Experiences: Mastering the Art of the Perfect Loan Process Read More »

The Change Starts with You Stress is an understandable reaction for a loan originator during a down market. I challenge you, however, to change the way you look at these tough times. Move past the obvious negatives for a minute …

Mastering the Mindset for Success in a Down Market Read More »


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