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Building Trust in Sales: A Systematic Approach for Lasting Connections

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Connect and Cultivate Trust

Successfully selling a product over a prolonged amount of time is no accident. It requires thoughtfulness, creativity, and an execution plan. Applying these principles not only brought me sustained success as a loan originator, but they also became the backbone of our System for Selling. 

Don’t Let Go of the Past

There are all sorts of ways you can network and accumulate names and numbers in your databases. But the question remains – are you nurturing these relationships? If not, now’s the time to start, and here is just one of the ways you can begin.

Send a quick video to your database saying something like…

“I haven’t been in as close contact with you as I want to be, so I’ll be reaching out soon to provide you value because our relationship is important to me.”

Then, start sending things to your database. Ask yourself what it is you think your clients need. Maybe it’s a monthly interest rate update, a book recommendation, or some helpful life hacks that work for you. And don’t forget to attach a personal note about what’s going on in your life. It’s all part of rebuilding a connection.

Do this at least once a month with the same underlying message

“I hope you and your family are doing well, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.”

Taking the Next Step

The challenge for everyone right now is the lack of inventory, but what you may not realize is that a well-nurtured database can actually generate listings. It’s a process I refer to as “The Move-up Buyer.”

People make buying and selling decisions based on two factors – their perception of value and personal emotions. So, let’s use these factors to our advantage.

Call three of your past buyers daily and engage them in a conversation that yields specific information about their feelings towards their current home. Are there things they would change about their home, and if so, what are they?

Then, ask them about their dream home and what that looks like. Once they establish their vision, ask them how much they’d be willing to pay extra every month to live there. Regardless of whether they come up with a figure or not, you can now move toward a discussion with them about selling their existing home and “moving up.”

Think about the information you just obtained. Also, think about how someone you’ve already worked with is now contemplating the idea of buying another home. The only thing left is to present them with the data showing how you will make their dream house attainable and of better value for them in the long run. We’ll break down that part in the webinar.

Cultivating Trust

The action items we’ve listed so far all depend on your client’s ability to trust you. Trust is typically something that’s earned, but it can also be cultivated. It just takes a more proactive approach on your end. Here’s an approach we feel is especially effective, especially with people new to your database.

On every new transaction, reach out to your client via a video. Nothing too elaborate, just:

hey, I thought it would be helpful for you to put a voice to a face.

You can also suggest to them that they do the same. Your transaction coordinator and loan processor should also send video messages after they’ve reviewed the file and spoken with the client for the first time.

Don’t stop there. When you send the approval letter to the buyers’ agent, attach a similar video to the email but include some information about the buyers that maybe the agent didn’t know… like the school districts they may be targeting or their plans to work out of the home in the near future. 

The same goes for the listing agent when the time arrives. Tell him or her how much your clients love this home and how it’s in their ideal school district. Don’t leave out how they had no problem qualifying and that you’re available for any questions that may arise.

So why are you doing all this? Simply put, this business is about connection. The more you connect with people, the more they can see and feel your energy, and the more you will separate yourself from competitors. So why wait for moments to connect? Especially since every one of us already owns a smartphone and makes it happen anytime.

With the intention of guiding you to peak performance we have created The Loan Atlas, the Home of The 8 Disciplines of Origination Mastery:
A Decades-Proven Formula for Loan Professionals to Thrive Amid Market Changes.


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