Teaching Agents How to Refer You converted

Okay, team, I want to talk to you now about the critical importance of teaching your referral partners how to refer you, which is always a conversation that most originators have a difficult time broaching with the referral source. Now, when I say referral source, I’m talking about realtors, CPAs, financial planners, insurance agents, divorce attorneys; it doesn’t matter. All of them need to know how to refer you the way you want to be referred. Now, why is this important? Well, it’s important because the way that they introduce you will have a dramatic impact on your conversion ratio from lead to client to ultimately paycheck. Have you ever asked yourself the question, why is it that one real estate agent seems to have leads that are much better and stronger, and more convertible than another? Now the thing is that it could be in part because of the source of the lead, right?

So if you have a real estate agent who’s seasoned and has great influence and is a terrific networker and has great referral sources themselves, maybe the clients that they’re giving to you are more ready to engage and work with you in a committed and loyal way versus if they’re getting their leads from some consumer direct marketing strategy or door knocking or something like that. So it’s important, however, to teach them how to refer you because oftentimes, the reason that the conversion ratio from one referral source to another is greatly different is the way that they’re setting you up. Now for the purposes of this example, I want to focus on real estate agents because it’s probably your primary referral source. So the easiest way to get a real estate agent to refer someone to you is to simply tell the truth. And I’m going to give you the script right now. Because I think that you’ll find this to be a truthful script.

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