Voice Memo to Pre-Approved

Okay, team, so remember what I said at the event in Vegas, when it comes to securing your future income, that income that you’ve already worked hard for, it’s very important that you continue to nurture and deepen the relationship. So it is very difficult for them to not be loyal to you. And loyalty is something that you earn, and a part of that process is to be disciplined and to stay connected.

So I’d like you to have your pre-approved buyers in your phone, or if you have your CRM as an app in your phone, that’s even better. And I’d like you to discipline yourself on a consistent basis. I want you to touch base with each of these pre-approved buyers no less frequently than about once every four months with a quick voice memo. So you’re driving to work, you grab your phone when you’re at a stoplight, or when you leave in your driveway, you pick the two people that you’re going to call, and you just leave them a quick voice memo. And there are a lot of different options as to what you can leave, get creative, have fun. But remember, it’s not about business. It’s about personal. It’s about transcending the relationship from a business relationship to a friendship.

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