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Navigate This Difficult Market with Confidence

Equip Yourself With The Tools To Thrive, No Matter The Market Conditions

Your mindset and attitude can distinguish between success and failure.

Discover how shifting to a positive outlook can illuminate even the darkest situations, attracting more of what you desire. There is hope. Learn the right and resilient mentality for success.

navigate this
Difficult Market with Confidence

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Maintaining Positivity

Uncover effective strategies to stay positive and proactive, even in the most challenging market conditions.

Active Business Strategies

Learn proactive steps to keep your business robust and thriving, regardless of market dynamics.

Morning Routine Mastery

Discover the importance of a structured morning routine in setting the tone for a successful day.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Gain insight into setting realistic, ambitious goals and creating accountability systems to achieve them.

Focus On What You Can Control

Learn to concentrate on aspects of your business that are within your control, turning challenges into opportunities.

Strategic Weekly Planning

Understand how to plan your week around critical activities that drive results and maximize impact.

Personal Growth in Business

Identify personal and business growth areas and learn how to leverage them.

about the speakers

about the speakers

Tim Braheem

Tim Braheem is a distinguished name in the mortgage industry with over 25 years of vast experience as an originator, teacher, and coach. As the co-founder of the Loan Atlas and Performance Experts Coaching and with a remarkable record of originating $1.4 billion in loans, Tim is a powerhouse of knowledge and mentorship. As an originator, he was consistently celebrated as one of the top 50 loan officers in the U.S.

Tim's deep-seated passion for education led him to create Performance Experts Coaching, the exclusive Leadership360 program, and is the voice behind "The 360 Experience" podcast, where he offers a wealth of insights into business and personal development. Tim's pioneering contributions, including establishing LoanToolbox, have cemented his status as a revered educator and an influential figure in the mortgage industry.

Chris Ledlie

Chris Ledlie, a respected figure with over 20 years in the mortgage industry, serves as a Faculty Mentor at the Loan Atlas. Chris's expertise is unparalleled, with an impressive $3.6 billion team production in 2020 and a total career production of approximately $13.7 billion. As the co-creator and Division President of NEO Home Loans, he has redefined the mortgage process, centering it around client-focused and strategic approaches.

Chris’s leadership has been instrumental in helping over 34,184 families achieve their financial goals. His philosophy revolves around empowering others — he measures his success by the success of those he assists. Chris’s extensive experience in loan origination and leadership, coupled with his commitment to mentoring, renders him an invaluable asset to the Loan Atlas team.