Ep. 47 | Building Connection and Selling to Different Personalities with Tom Blattau

Tim Braheem Interviews Tom Blattau

Thomas Blattau brings a wealth of knowledge to the real estate and mortgage industry. With over 15 years of experience in mortgages, 10 years in real estate, and 15 years in inventing in real estate ventures. Insights of every side of the transaction has helped shape him into an expert in the industry. His latest venture is a Regional Vice President with Leader 1 financial.

You Will Learn:

  1. What you need to do to deepen your connection with Realtors right now.
  2. The three entities you should be angling your sales to in this market.
  3. The common denominators of successful originators in today’s market.
  4. A method to access a realtor’s ability to refer you business.
  5. How to use DISC Personality traits to refine your sales presentation.

Who is Tom Blattau?

Since moving to Tampa in 2005, Thomas has made lots of friends playing sports. From softball, to volleyball, to basketball, to golf, there is always something active and competitive that grabs his attention. In 2010, he met his wife playing softball. In 2014 they were blessed with a son, named Maddox. Now he enjoys spending quality time with his family at Maddox’s sporting events. Over the past 5 years, Thomas has really jumped back into competitive golf and is currently running a yearly tournament for the mortgage industry called the MIV cup. It is a special time each year to do something he loves and yet engage with some of top professionals in the industry.

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