EP 46 | Delivering a Quality Customer Experience and Winning Referrals with Steve Dorfman

Tim Braheem Interviews Steve Dorfman

Tim sits down with Steve Dorfman. Steve was the Chief Experience Officer for Apex Home Loans and is now the head of community for The Loan Atlas. With a long history of working in customer service, Steve brings an incredible attention to detail to all aspects of the customer journey. While with Apex, Steve led the charge in elevating their Net Promoter Score (NPS) to a sustained high of 96. In addition, he was instrumental in implementing internal changes which earned Apex the designation of “Best Place to Work” in Washingtonian Magazine, The Washington Business Journal, and The Washington Post.

You Will Learn:

  1. How to turn a negative customer experience into a net positive
  2. Four elements to turn a new prospect into an advocate for your business
  3. The difference between meeting and anticipating consumer needs
  4. The importance of communication to get repeat business and referrals
  5. The importance of positive feedback in fostering employee success

Who is Steve Dorfman?

Transitioning from the hospitality industry in 1995, Steve Dorfman spent the next 11 years selling Acuras. Acutely aware of the long-standing stigma associated with car salesmen, Steve entered the business at age 23 determined to elevate the profession by intentionally crafting thoughtful and remarkable experiences for his prospects and clients. His unwavering commitment to a customer-centered process paid off:

Steve earned “Salesman of the Year” seven years in a row, maintained a six-figure income from a 35-hour workweek, and achieved a Customer Satisfaction Index rating in the top 1% nationally. He worked by appointment only, with repeat clients and referrals accounting for 70% of his business. More than two decades later, Steve’s best practices are still taught by corporate trainers. Steve and his wife, Maggie, live in Maryland (just outside of Washington, DC) with their two children. During the summer, they enjoy gathering with family and friends on their ski boat at Lake Anna in Virginia.

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