Realtor Script for New Buyers

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I just want to make sure that you know that I actually believe that paying up to 3% for a buyer’s agent to just simply help you buy your home for 30 days is likely too much. Now, the industry has gotten away with that for a long time because the seller has really built it into the purchase price of their property.

Well, with a lot of these normal happenings changing, I want you to know that, and I think that 3% is likely a little too high.

But for whatever commission you pay our team, I want you to know that you’re not just going to get 30 days worth of help in a transaction, you’re going to get 30 years worth of proactive advice, guidance, strategy, and our ongoing commitment to helping you and your family not just own a home. But to become extremely successful homeowners in every aspect of real estate or finance.

You’ll have our team along with our finance team, proactively helping you set goals, manage changes and evolutions in your life, deal with your real estate portfolio, understanding how to manage your equity, understanding how to utilize debt and leverage and our commitment is that you will be much more generationally wealthy over time, because of our ongoing commitment that we have to you as a partner. That is very different than a commission you would pay for somebody who would help you buy a home, and then really not talk to you much other than send you marketing from time to time and wait for you to make your next decision. So please know that when you’re comparing real estate professionals, not everybody is the same when it comes to the value you’re getting. I would argue that the value you get prior to a transaction from our team and our finance team is incredibly important. The actual transaction itself is probably the least important, although we’re going to do a really great job there. But when you’re identifying our value versus other real estate agents values during a transaction, oftentimes you’ll find mostly an equivalent experience, right? Because it’s just customer service contracts, doing things on time. The biggest area and why the majority of our clients choose us is because there’s not many, if any real estate professionals who are going to be as committed to helping you proactively, and the next 30 days of a transaction are really going to be where this relationship starts. So I just want you to be clear on that. commissions with our organization. Get you 30 plus years worth of service versus commissions with a standard organization usually get you about 30 days.

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